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  • I was having a really difficult time moving. After the third session I have 80% range of motion. It was like overnight success. Amazing, amazing work!
  • The biggest thing is getting to the root of the problem. It's not always what you think it is. more ›
  • I feel like Asher gets to the root of the problem and he really cares about getting me back to 100% health right away. more ›
  • I wanted to look at an alternative method to help me with my torn meniscus. There's been remarkable progress. I can squat with no pain! more ›
  • If you are a law enforcement officer or fire fighter, come see Asher. It's going to improve your life and make life a lot better for you. more ›
  • I was injured and needed surgery. But guess who I called after surgery?! I busted out the Red Light Therapy and here I am now 6 months after surgery and racing again.
  • I would love for athletes to come in to see Asher and get a systems check. Let's really go see if we're 100%! more ›
  • I thought I was doing everything fine, but I wasn't. I had the best workouts every afterwards with one session. You can feel the muscle release while you're working on it. It's crazy!
  • Now that I can run at 100% again I really got my confidence back that I can perform up to my highest level and I can achieve the things I really want to do.
    Zach Taylor ART helped me recover from a grueling season more ›
    Andre Bosier, Coach for La Costa Canyon High School Mavericks ART has allowed me to demonstrate high speed maneuvers during practices in order to challenge my athletes. more ›
    Brett Maryon My results were also immediate on the field. I went injury free for the first time! more ›
    Thomas Eschelman Even in my off-season I make it a necessity to see Asher Sports Therapy to make sure that I am ready to play to my full capability. I attribute my investment to be able to play well at Cal State Fullerton, and professionally with the Philadelphia Phillies. more ›
    Sherri McIntee Thanks to Asher, I swam throughout high school without a single injury while improving my times dramatically and eventually earned a spot on a Division 1 collegiate swim team. more ›
    McKenna Garfein I won CIFs in the 100 backstroke by a landslide and I believe that Asher was a big part of that. more ›
    Sarah O’Grady Asher has worked wonders for my son. He even taught him how to stretch properly before games to prevent further injuries. I highly recommend Asher and ART/Red Light Therapy. more ›
    Michael DeLuise My range of motion has tripled and I can walk without it hurting! more ›

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