Lena Norwood

I work in Special Ed, so I'm very active working with children with autism and emotional disabilities. We do a lot of beach activities like surfing and biking. And I play softball regularly, sometimes up to 5 games a day.

Recently I found out that I have a torn meniscus. Surgery was an option. But I was introduced to Asher by a friend of mine who is involved in triathlons. I wanted to look at an alternative method to help me with my torn meniscus. This is my third week through treatment and there's been remarkable progress. I just had a treatment today and I can squat with no pain. It's been remarkable and I've had no medication, no kind of medical intervention, so I'm very hopeful that ART will be a great alternative to surgery. I learned that alignment is key. ART will help open up those tight muscles.

Something that I didn't realize was the connection to my hip pain or back pain or knee pain. It's all connected. You can't just work on one area. You have to do it in conjunction with having better workouts and better alignment. And that maybe your muscles are tight because of something else. So ART has really educated me a lot.

I would definitely recommend Asher. Just come and try it out at least and see what your experience is. Because you don't know until you try it!

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