Asher Sports Therapy: initial visit to pinpoint the problem and create a custom treatment plan to fix the problem Asher Sports Therapy: initial visit to pinpoint the problem and create a custom treatment plan to fix the problem

About Asher

Asher Graaff, Asher Sports Therapy

I'm a certified A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) provider and LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). I've been helping athletes in the Carlsbad and Oceanside area for over 12 years. My experience working with everyone from Ironman competitors to PeeWee youth athletes has given me a unique understanding of how to prevent the kinds of injuries caused by the pounding that athletes give their bodies. Now I want to help everyone, not just athletes, to reach their full potential. I'm on a mission to help people learn how to fix their bodies, prevent injury, and reach their goals!

Ultimate Care is a combination approach

Manual muscle therapy + Red Light Therapy + Self-Care = The Best Results

My experience has shown that the combination of manual muscle therapy, Red Light Therapy, and self-care gets more dramatic and faster results than therapy alone.

Manual muscle therapy

Breaks up adhesions and scar tissue in muscles and increases flexibility

Red Light Therapy

Increases circulation and flushes out the scar tissue from the treated area so it can heal faster.


Gives you the knowledge and tools to take control of your health and maintain 100% pain-free performance

Now I always recommend this treatment to all of my clients. Why? Because they tell me that it works better than everything else! I'm committed to giving my clients "Ultimate Care": the absolute best care that's available.

If you've already tried PT, chiropractic, or massage and nothing really helped, give me a chance. You'll experience the difference in the very first session!

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Experience it yourself for FREE

Come in for a FREE 30-minute assessment. I'll demonstrate my unique combination of manual therapy, Red Light Therapy, and Self-Care. And I'll recommend a plan for maximizing your recovery. There's no obligation or commitment. I only have a few openings each week for these FREE sessions, so schedule your appointment now.

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