Andre Bosier

I just had my ankle worked on by Asher. I walked in here and I was about 50% mobility. I'm about 75% mobility now. I sprained my ankle on Sunday, very bad. Now I'm good.

We have football players at the school where I coach who look just absolutely great on the field. They move fast, great footwork, good hand-eye coordination, strong, just really athletic. As the season is getting ready to start, I would love for these athletes to come in and see Asher and get a systems check. Hey, you look good right now, and we always want everybody to be 100% when they start. But let's really go see if we're 100%. And then if we're not, it's probably something really easy that needs to be fixed or needs to be tweaked. But more importantly, now that you know about it, you can apply the measures that you give out as homework to make sure these snafus are being checked on. And as you go on through the seasons, these are things that won't bother you. It's the new things that are going to happen, but we can rule out the old stuff.

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