Zoe Scandalis

I graduated from USC last year and since then I've been playing professional tennis. I came in to see Asher because I got injured this past summer playing in Europe. My shoulder suddenly got worse and I couldn't server so I needed help. I just wanted help so I just hoped that someone would help me feel less injured.

Directly after every session I've been able to feel it while practicing with what I'm doing, or little movements that we worked on, or certain body parts, I can feel it with strokes or different things. And I can feel it right away. So it's been real nice to see that each week it gets better in certain areas.

I feel like Asher gets to the root of the problem and he really cares about getting me back to 100% health right away. So that's huge, especially as a professional athlete, I can't just be injured and be practicing and going to tournaments while injured. I need to get back on the court and put the hours in. He's helped me train almost full-time since we started.

I would tell other tennis players that they really have to take a look at how their body's working and what major problems they're seeing, instead of somehow masking it with other techniques that doctors or other physios have that really don't get to the root of the problem. You really have to get to the root of what the issue is and solve it and go from there.

I think that once I get to the point where I'm not feeling so much pain and I'm injury-free, there are other things that I can get to the next level. Whether it's rotation in my back or flexibility or just moving better, I feel like it goes way beyong injury to movement and other important aspects of tennis.

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