Jennifer Smith Kennedy

I was referred to Asher by Mike at MROC Training. I had an injury, a back spasm or some muscle spasms going on, I'm not really sure what it was. It was quite a problem because it was getting in the way of my workouts, it was getting in the way of when I was just doing things at home. And that really started to bother me because when I couldn't do normal things I needed to be doing, that was an issue for me. It was getting in the way of everyday life. So I came in to see Asher right away. We did a consultation, I got to see your office, and every thing is really good here, just really good energy. We got to work, made some goals, and started to tackle it.

The most important thing was that, even though that area was in my lower back, what we found was that everything was connected. Something that could have been going on in my hip could have been what I was feeling in my lower back or my shoulder. So we needed to work on those areas and we got to the root of it. And that's the biggest thing is getting to the root of the problem. It's not always what you think it is. So I was really pleased when we worked through that and talked through that. And we did a lot of education and also things I could do at home, which was very helpful. He gave me homework and something to work on. So I feel that we tackled it from all different angles.

I didn't come in with a lot of expectations other than, "Here I am!" I felt like I was in good hands and I trusted where we were. I really appreciated the vision that we created on the (dry erase) board so I could know exactly how that journey was going to roll out. So I felt that every step of the way we were linked up and we knew the progress that was happening. It was a really good road map.

What I would say to somebody else out there who is going through an injury and they're not sure whether it's serious or not is or not is that there is no harm in just getting checked. Just coming in and finding out what's going on. In order to have that time to go out and do that long bike ride or train for a Spartan, when you want to go out and do those physical activities, you need to make sure that your body is there and functioning 100%. So I challenge somebody to at least come in and find out what's going on and cut that time out so that they can go out and do those other things. Otherwise if you don't address something, you're not putting that investment back into your body to get out and do the things that you need to do later. It's important for balance too.

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