FREE Muscle Pain Recovery Workshops

What's the root cause of your muscle pain? What can you do next to improve it? Come to our office for a free, 1 hour interactive workshop and find out.

Watch this 2 min. video to learn about our FREE muscle pain recovery workshops

What happens at our workshops?

Focus on 1 body area

Each workshop is centered on a specific body area or injury. Like knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, wrist and carpal tunnel pain, ankle pain, etc.

1 full hour

You can spend a whole hour with our team of trainers and therapists. No fluff. We'll hit the ground running. You'll learn a ton and have a great time.

FREE Rapid Functional Screening

Every person that attends will get a FREE Rapid Functional Screening. Find out which muscles are causing your problems. In just a couple minutes, we'll pinpoint the root cause of your pain. You'll know where the problem is and what you need to focus on.

LEARN pro techniques for self-care

LEARN pro techniques for using tools like foam roller, foam ball, Lacrosse ball, stick, and more. You'll pick up great tips on how to get maximum results with minimum time. And you'll get motivated to start a habit of daily self-care.

TRY Red Light and Compression therapy machines for FREE

Most people who attend will get to try a few minutes on our amazing Red Light therapy machines and Compression therapy machines. You can experience for yourself how effective they are at boosting your recovery and healing. You will definitely feel the difference!

Have FUN with our team... no pressure

This isn't a bait-and-switch sales pitch. We WON'T over-sell everyone on the most expensive way to fix things! We WON'T talk forever and bore you with basic info. We really want to help you! That means teaching as many people as possible to learn how to take care of their own body and live life to the full. We want you to relax, have fun, and come away with something that will change you for the better! This will be a big step forward in helping you make progress and reach your goals.

Minimum 10, maximum 20 people

We keep the workshop size small, between 10-20 people. That way gets personal, 1-on-1 time with our team. The first 20 people who register will be selected to attend. If you requested a spot but didn't get selected, we'll send you an email so you can request a spot in a different workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are temporarily on hold. We are complying with the State of California's recommedations to avoid close contact with groups of people.

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