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Posture Made Perfect

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Posture Made Perfect

A great exercise for movement assessment is the overhead squat.  It can be used in therapy to assess your structural balance and as an exercise to prevent shoulder injuries.  A common problem we see is rounding shoulders (a postural issue) that will eventually lead to shoulder injuries.  The overhead squat is the main exercise that helps correct the structural imbalances associated with round shoulders. Our full postural assessment looks at how the body positions itself during the movement:

Symptom/Observation Weak  Tight
1.  Knees Buckle In Adductors  Gluteus
2.  Knees Flair/No squat depth Piriformis Adductors
3.  Lower Back Rounds Hamstrings Erector Spinae
4.  Bar moves forward Latissimus Dorsi Rhomboids